Nate, you have MANY unique abilities! You have an innate calming & relaxing energy about you. You are intuitive, kind-hearted, warm and caring yet you remain knowledgeable, professional and help achieve desired results!  You are understanding, open and intelligent! Having had the opportunity to work with  you has been profound and life-altering. Since having had just two sessions with you and many insightful conversations, I have felt a true shift in my thinking, life and awareness.

I feel that you helped me to see clearly - the things I was choosing to be blind to - and it opened me up for significant healing.

Stephanie V.

I DID IT ....As someone who has had NLP sessions with Nate, I can say it was a wonderful life changing experience. I had a dramatic transformation in my thought patterns that I had carried with me for a life time. His gentle and trusting manor relaxes you from the moment he starts the session. So glad I did this for myself and I recommend everyone to give themselves this wonderful gift of emotional freedom.

Theresa Calcos

I went to Nate in hopes of dealing with a life long issue that I have had for 25 years. The issue was impacting all aspects of my life mainly my relationships and my relationship with myself. I had tried other approaches to dealing with this issue but I had limited success. During the break through process I saw some huge changes and things started to transform in ways that I never expected and in all areas of my life. My problem I thought I had was actually not the problem, it was far from it. Like they say if you knew what the problem was you would of fixed it already. The changes were not subtle, they were concrete and visible to myself and others, and they are occurring daily. It has given me and my wife a whole new relationship together.  The shift was life changing. I am happier now then I have ever been, I am much calmer, my business is doing tremendously well and my relationships with myself and others have shifted.  Thank-you Nate for helping me change my life.

Sean Latimour, Keswick ON

Andreea Perescu

"Nathan's method helped me overcome a smoking addiction.  Prior to our meeting, I was relapsing on a regular basis and feeling pessimistic.  Nathan's  approach was quick, painless and effective.  I haven't smoked a single cigarette in over 6 months. Thanks again!" -

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