What you see could change your whole outlook on life.

 What will it tell you about your current relationships?

  What will it tell you about the current cycle you’re in now?

​Wouldn't it be interesting if it gave you some insights into your
personality traits? 
What you want to keep a secret will stay a secret.  The unconscious mind won't let you do anything against your values. It's why you never hear of anyone being hypnotized to rob a bank.

Mind control or loss of control.

What hypnosis is not:

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People that have tried meditation find that hypnosis is very familiar.

The main added bonus is that we are providing an experienced guide to make the past life regression more detailed.

Special introductory offer of only $37 for a
fascinating peek into a past life.

Any questions, please  email me at nate@getpastit.ca

There are many ways for the brain to go into this naturally occurring state of relaxation.  Highway hypnosis is one the most common ways.  Have you ever arrived at your destination, and not sure how you got there?

Imagine your friends’ reaction when you tell them about your trip through your past lives!

Past Life Regression Q&A
Common questions about
Past Life Regression Hypnosis.

How can past lives affect us today?

From a brain wave standpoint, meditation and hypnosis and very similar.  Most people have a hard time staying in their meditative state.  Even though it's a natural state, the mind pops in and out like day dreaming which is also a hypnotic state.

Something that you can't wake up from.

You’re a natural!

Some people worry that they can't be hypnotized. Luckily anyone with average or above average intelligence make great subjects.  If you are the creative type you will find you are even better at it.

What if I think I can’t be hypnotized?

Why am offering a $145 dollar session for $37 with a money back guarantee.?

No stress money back guarantee.

Why do children often talk about who they were before they came “here”?

Some start off with a feeling of being in a different place and time, getting a sense of the sounds and happenings going on around them.  Ultimately it may look like you’re seeing more detail through a movie screen. 

I’m still curious…

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For people enjoying it for the first time, we keep the movie and experience at a safe distance.

Sometimes they will get a sense for people that they know today but see them as a different person in a past life.

What to expect during a 45 minute Past Life Regression

What spellbinding stories would you have, after taking an entertaining trip through the past?  Maybe even hundreds or thousands of years back into your past lives.

Can past lives give us some direction in life?

Knowledge is power and being able to see things from a different perspective can make a huge shift to how we once saw a problem.   We live in an existence of cycles, as does everything in nature.   When we get a glimpse of the cycle we are stuck in from a different perspective, we can then see other possibilities.
Many people are missing out on the benefits of hypnosis, ranging from reducing stress to having less fear in life, because there are so many misconceptions about hypnosis.

If for some reason its not your time to go use hypnosis I give you a full refund.

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Why do so many people enjoy past life regression?

Until we reach ages 7-8 children are almost pure unconscious mind - in a way, they are always in a hypnotic state. This state makes it easier for them to access past life memories. The brain’s “hard drive” hasn’t had time to fill up with a lot of nonsense yet, so there is still space for past life data. What you want to keep a secret will stay a secret.  The unconscious mind won't let you do anything against your values. It's why you never hear of anyone being hypnotized to rob a bank.

What if I am skeptical about past lives?

The best athletes in the world are masters of self-hypnosis which is necessary   to their heightened focus and relaxation that get them into the “zone”.

A way to get at your secrets.

Maybe you have tried hypnosis in the past and it didn't work for you, or for some reason you find that you’re not quite yet ready to go into hypnosis. You will receive the full refund of the fee.
There are many ways to learn to go into the relaxed hypnotic state.
Half a decade of experience has taught me that everyone is different and may require a different method that suits them.  
Ever feel a strange pull towards certain places, names, numbers or objects?

What could your past lives tell you about the struggles you’re going through now?

 Could they give you insights into what your true path might be?
After some clients return from a past life where they once had a certain skill or trade they may get inspired to try that in the here and now.  They are often shocked to find that they have a talent for something similar in their present life. In a life where we are always told what we can’t do, past life regression can give us a unique insight into a future passion or career.
Years ago, a client came to see me about releasing some trauma.  In her religion, past lives were not part of the teaching.  Even though she consciously didn’t believe in the existence of past lives, her sub-conscious mind took her back to a past life.  When the painful past life experience was viewed from her current perspective, the stress of the current trauma dropped away. 
Clients may witness anything from sailing on a Viking ship, the building of the great pyramids or even seeing one of their ancestors.