People wonder if past lives are real, and it's a good thing to wonder. Some skeptics say it is just your wonderful imagination, or it is your mind making up movies based on current life issues.  Regardless, you get to experience your past and present from a different perspective that can give you some powerful insights.

What if I’m just replaying something I’ve seen in a movie or bits and pieces that I’ve read from a book?

Even though the experience of being born seems to clear most of our past life memories often you will hear children under the age of eight talk about who they were before they came here.  Until we hit age seven or eight we are pure subconscious mind and can still access some of those previous lives.  As adults we need to use techniques such as hypnosis to access that subconscious part of the brain in order to re-experience those past life memories.

Are past lives real?​​

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Well trained hypnotists also have a background in neuro-linguistics which ensures they are using language that doesn’t lead the subject, we call this Clean Language.   This ensures you are getting the best experience possible.

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Some skeptics claim that images in a past life session are chunks of old memories or things we have briefly seen.  In most past life regression sessions that I have performed, the information would not be historically relevant to be included in history books or documentaries.

Your Questions About Accessing Past Lives

Past lives have been known to affect people be keeping them trapped in negative cycles, they may find themselves in the same situation over and over again.  There are even reports of unexplained physical symptoms that seem to change after a person has accessed their past lives.  In many cases a negative past life experience can negatively affect how a person feels about themselves in their current life.

How do past lives affect people?

Is the client following the hypnotist’s lead and is the client’s creative subconscious just making it up?  

Past Life Regression FAQ

Why don’t we remember past lives?