1. Pick a single spot slightly above eye level. Maybe a light fixture, a spot on the wall, the corner where the wall meets the ceiling but be careful not to let your head tilt up too much.

2. Focus on this spot with all of your focus. Totally and completely.

3. While looking at this spot with all of your attention, let your awareness expand outside that spot without moving your eyes or focus.

4. Now while looking at this spot with all of your attention, expand your vision slowly. As slow as you can comfortably do this.

5. While looking at this spot with complete focus, notice the side walls and start to push your awareness out to the side walls.

6. While focusing on your spot, can you notice what’s behind you? Now you are in expanded awareness

Now change your focus away from that spot. The feeling of relaxation in your body and quiet of mind will last for roughly an hour. Each time you do this process the relaxation will happen faster and faster 

Expanded Awareness

Getting In “The Zone” For Relaxation And Calm

Notice how much neck and shoulder tension you’re feeling right now. Next become aware of all the self-talk in your head. Rate it, ten being the most intense.